Frustrated because your team doesn’t make the monthly volume? Forget the lectures. They don’t work. The right incentives do work, but can be costly. Just tell your team members this interesting short story, and they’ll instantly understand the value of doing their minimum volume each and every week. The story goes like this:

A young couple, Bill and Mary, went out to dinner about three times a month. This “must do” event cost them about $100 a month. They shared many stories and really enjoyed this time together.

After a few years of dinner and sometimes a movie, Bill and Mary would get up for work, look in the mirror and notice a change. They had gained inches and pounds.

Another young couple, James and Marcia, invested $100 a month into their part-time business.

After a few years of ups and downs, James and Marcia did something very unique. They quit their full-time jobs and retired to travel the world. Now, James and Marcia go out to eat whenever they want, enjoying their many adventures together.

When you finish the story, ask each team member whether they want to be Bill and Mary or James and Marcia? Patiently, wait for their response!