The weekend show continues to help you create your Plan “B” tfn.

This Saturday, I’m proud to welcome back an unretired millionaire. William V. Thompson is our guest during the 9am [Eastern  Time] hour. Should you look for a part time job or start a part time business? William will break this challenge down like a chicken wing. Thompson is a former CPA, who retired, then came out of retirement to start his own business, Your Promised Land:

Find out which is a better option, part time job or part time business, and also learn some of William’s cash flow strategies. Saturday on MIND YO BUSINESS.

As usual, James Gage, from Gage Consulting Group hops on at 9:45am. This real estate giant always has a plethora of tips, and continues to mentor Brian in Lease-Option aka rent-To-Own real estate. Jim has saved me numerous headaches, while helping me get a home for myself and off-campus housing for my son, with no major cash out of pocket! For Jim’s bio, go to :




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