A fascinating MIND YO BUSINESS talk show this past Saturday. My guests included Multi-millionnaire William V. Thompson, real estate guru James Gage and the best business/retirement tour operator in central America, Claire Gray.

William is the Proprietor/Author of the Monopoly System retire in five years or less. He easily pronounced numerous reasons why we should choose a part-time business over part-time employment:

> Tax incentives and savings

> Less hours, more pay

>More time to devote to family/hobbies

> Don’t have to worry about lay-offs/firings

> Set your own hours.

William recommended 2 on-line business opportunities we can join that are relatively inexpensive and are operated by a system. They are:     http://www.solutions4you.com            http://www.payless4debts.com

Jim Gage is an active, 20 year real estate investor and is known as the guru of Lease-Options aka Rent-To-Own housing. Jim has been mentoring me and Saturday gently guided me on how to effectively deal with a Seller who wants to lease me his condo for hundreds of dollars more than I’m willing to pay. Gage says show this Seller the pain. This means: Reality Check. Present the Seller with the hundreds of For Sale and For Rent ads from newspapers and Craigslist.  Let the Seller see how the glut of housing and foreclosures in his backyard have lowered sale and rental prices. The bottom line–don’t be afraid to walk away from the deal. You can find alot of this information on Jim’s website, and now you can go through him to apply for mortgage financing or refinancing. To get to Jim’s site, go to:   http://www.jgage.com. Remember to sign up for his free, monthly newsletter.

We ventured down to Central America during the 2nd hour of the show. Claire Gray and her husband, Bill, moved from Los Angeles to Corozol, Belize roughly 20 years ago. During this time, the Grays have been writing books and conducting Relocation Tours. A relocation tour is not a fancy word for a vacation. Relocation Tours are designed to assist retirees, ex-pats and business people/investors on how to live, work and/or retire in Belize. The week long tour covers several cities/areas/island of Belize, so you can learn about specific areas, housing, business opportunities, customs, residency requirements, government and the social life.

Bill Gray retired after the February 2009 tour. He now wakes up when he wants, gets his grub on on pineapple, mangos, fresh fruit and eats alot of fish. His busy day consists of working on his boat and (you guessed it) fishing. Claire chimes there’s no way Bill could have retired in the states. Why? The cost of living is so much higher in the states. Some people in Belize can live comfortably off $1,500.00/month. I replied to a recent e-mail from Claire asking her if she needs help with the Relocation Tours, now that Bill is retired?? Someone has to pitch in–it may as well be ME!

OH, no sign of the swine flu in Belize, despite the fact that Belize borders Mexico. Claire claims the Belizean government is pro-active when it comes to disease and health matters. Health care is not a financial stress in Belize. In fact, Claire operates a dental referral business, stating dentists use state-of-the-art equipment, are well trained, and dental work cost a fraction of what we pay here in the states. See for yourself at http://www.belizeretire.com

As for the real estate market, Claire says it’s a buyer’s market. First, there are only 300,000 people on Belize (the area is roughly the size of Massachusetts), so there’s plenty of available space. Second, the North American economic crunch is keeping many people from buying vacation or second homes on Belize. BTW>> I’ve checked the web and other listings and there are some very nice ocean front homes in Belize going for as little as $185,000.00 US.

That’s all for now. Check back regularly to find out who’s on MYB next.  Expect the MYB Newsletter sometime this summer.




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