June 2009

Sonia is out sick and Darrell is away. Net result: No MIND YO BUSINESS talk show Saturday June 20th. I’m re-charging the batteries for Father’s day television and next week’s show.


Creating Your Plan “B”

Creating Your Plan “B”

The resident real estate guru, James Gage dropped some sage advice on Saturday’s talk show. Jim says many homeowners and investors have abandoned selling their property, because of the downturn in the market. Instead, these people now have “For Rent” signs hanging outside the property. Gage says these property owners make great landlord-sellers in hisĀ  “Rent-to -Own” real estate investing program.

They want to sell, but are willing to wait until the market turns for the better. These owners want good tenants, who will take care of the property and will buy later at market or above market value. You, the savvy MYB investor plays the middle man (woman) by coupling the Landlord-Seller with an eager Tenant-Buyer.

To learn the best way to work from home and make money in Lease/Options aka Rent-to-Own real estate investing, go to Jim’s site at http://www.jgage.com. James also features a free monthly newsletter you can sign up for at his site. Or, if you’re looking to purchase or re-finance a property, visit Jim’s site. Gage has access to more than 100 of the largest and best mortgage lenders in the nation.

Traveling The World

Imagine traveling to Central America with a group of like-minded individuals, mostly women. African Travel Seminars has two 8 day adventures to Costa Rica. One leaves in early August. The second excursion, an eco-tour, is in October.

Georgina Lorencz is the Owner of African Travel Seminars. She says the itinerary calls for ventures like touring an active volcano (no jumping, please), admiring the lush faunta and flora, plus doing that tropics thing. Georgina also chimes, there’s plenty of down time to relax and enjoy the swimming pools, shopping, nice hotels, amenities and fine restaurants.

To learn more about these exciting trips to Costa Rica and other excursions presented by African Travel Seminars, go to http://www.africantravelseminars.com, or call Georgina, direct, at (410) 420-6533.

Next Saturday, June 13, 2009:

>>Edward Fulbright, CPA on the value of investing in yourself.

>>BIG STICK RICK, on Father’s day shopping using Aisle 19.

>>Real estate guru, James Gage.

And of course your phone calls, toll-free at (866) 801-8255.