This isn’t about a home-based business. It does relate to you and your family’s health and privacy issues. Please listen to the interview former Presidential candidate Fred Thompson had recently with a Patient Rights Advocate. Please comment here on the blog after you hear what she has to say.

Click here: Fred Thompson: Interviews

Listen to the Betsy McCaughey interview.  Unbelievable!!!!

I have just received an email from a friend who heard an interview on the Fred Thompson Show (7/16/09) from a Patient Rights Advocate, Betsy McCaughey. When I checked it out (and you can hear it, yourself), it chilled me to the bone.

PLEASE, PLEASE try to get into it and hear what she has to say!! She has read all 1400 pages of  the bill and points out many things that you will be shocked at, including whether or not, at our age, there’s any point of having any medical care for certain conditions to help us live longer. You will not believe what she has to say!

We must get the word out, because surely Obama and his administration don’t want us to know what is really going on, and they can ramrod this one through Congress just like they did the stimulus pkg.