Brian, Host MYBTalk

Brian, Host, MYBTalk

My son and I had a fantastic trip to Cancun. The weather was warm to hot with a slight pitch of humidity. Some scattered showers, pictureseque bluish-white lightning bolts, but very minimal thunder. What about the accomodations?

I can’t recommend the Holiday Inn Cancun Arenas. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being excellent, Cancun Arenas gets, at best, a 3.

It is a sparkling clean hotel. The help was attentive to the floors, windows, walls, bedrooms, etc.

The servers were nice, friendly and helpful. Although, my son ordered a wake-up call for 6am Wednesday, for our fishing trip. The phone never rang. Fortunately, I was up anyway.

Turns out the Fishing company responsible for picking us up for the before-mentioned fishing excursion, forgot us. The Front Desk, already neglient from the wake-up call, didn’t know how to reach the boat tour. My son and I missed the morning trip, but the tour company hooked us up for afternoon fishing. Man, we could of slept in.

Our stay at the Cancun Arenas was all inclusive ( 3 meals and snacks, quite a bit of booze, non-motorized activities). Well, the only non-motorized activity still available was the kayak. My son (Kam) and I will give that the “YO-YO!” Alot of fun on the calming sea. I’m blistering sun burnt from scalp to above the ankles. (Yeah, I’d do it again).

The all-inclusive scuba lesson–No more. Sail boats–no more. Some all inclusive.

The meals–INTERESTING. Kam and I dined at the all-inclusive Italian Restaurant for 2 nights, because of our server. Benjamin had it going on, and was well worth the nice tip we left him each night. I told him I’m allergic to cheese. Benjamin made sure any/all items forwarded to me was cheeseless. The dinners were fantastic, especially the special-order broiled fish, courtesy of Kam’s fishing rod. That’s the good news.

The other meals, breakfast and lunch at the buffet bar(s) left alot to be desired. Sometimes I felt, the cooks were preparing for the help and not the guests. Plenty of mystery with sometime that looked like an eye staring at you. The hamburgers didn’t look cow-oriented. Of course, being in Mexico, with lots of Mexicans, there was an overwhelming amount of mexicano dishes, loaded with pork and cheese. No thank you, please. The lemonade tasted like a salty Gatorade. The orange juice was very good, but the restaurant took the orange juice machine away after breakfast.

If you ate breakfast or lunch on the back terrace, there was always a small pack of black birds awaiting your leftover home fries, or crust from your toast. They acted like seagulls hovering over kid’s french fries.

Cancun Arenas is right on the bay side of the water. 10 steps from the main swimming pool and your on the beach. The water was take a bath warm, but swimming with green algae looking seedweed. I remember saying to Kam I think we have some of the seedweed on our eating plate.

So, after this beautiful, tell alot review, I’d have a hard time telling you–I’d go back. Of course, if the price is right, I’m there!