OVER THE years he has LAUNCHED A SUCCESSFUL radio NETWORK, CREATED PROFITABLE BUSINESSES and has BEEN ELECTED TO POLITICAL OFFICE.BRIAN is a HIGHLY-QUALIFIED, MOTIVATED, CREATIVE, AND RESPONSIBLE HOME-BASED BUSINESS OPERATOR who uses his proven network marketing, real estate, small business and broadcast techniques to help people create their Plan “B.”

Since 2001, BRIAN has been producing and hosting the MIND YO BUSINESS talk show. This particular venture crowns BRIAN’S sensational 30 year career in small-to-major market, coast-to-coast radio experience. BRIAN has also been nationally syndicated, as well as hosting radio programs on stations in Vermont, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Boston, Hartford Connecticut, Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Monterey California.
 He is an extraordinary home-based business entrepreneur. In 1999, BRIAN constructed a makeshift studio, in the basement of his home, to host his talk programs. Now he conducts most of his business affairs from home, and teaches others how to do the same. “It’s about time and financial freedom,” asserts BRIAN. “My independence instruments are the telephone and internet connection. I arrange appointments, interviews, participate in webinars and show friends and associates my products and services using my independence instruments.”
BRIAN’S dream is to retire by the end of 2014 with enough income to travel the world when and for as long as he wants. One of his upcoming ventures is to travel by RV, in 2011, from Alaska to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “My youngest son, Kameron, graduates from high school that year. I’d love to take him for part of that ride, along with his older brother, Kevin.A former travel agent, BRIAN is now concentrating on Re-Location Tours. He assists people who want to move to different regions of the country/world with information about taxes, housing, starting a 2nd career, real estate investing, the social life, residency issues, retirement and medical concerns.
In general, BRIAN helps people create their Plan “B” so when they are ready to retire or travel the world, they can do so with a full bank account. BRIAN believes the best Plan “B” is some form of home-based business.Liquidity now means staring at your retirement account and wetting your pants. People need to invest in themselves. It doesn’t have to be network marketing. Take a hobby or something you’re passionate about and turn it into a small business. You’re much better off working a part-time business than a part-time job. Make your own hours. There are tax incentives for home-based operations that a part-time worker can’t receive. You can expect unlimited growth on your productivity, etc., and chances are you won’t fire yourself during a down period.”
Brian was a 3 term elected official in the Massachusetts town he resided in. He’s a proud Libertarian, who really believes in freedom and upholding the Constitution. Privacy issues are a stalwart of BRIAN’S talk shows.
Work, Family and Privacy Issues Affecting Life is BRIAN’S guiding theme. You can hear BRIAN “Live” each Saturday from 9:00am-11:00am (eastern time) on XM Radio, Channel 169.

4 Responses to “About Brian”

  1. Diane White Says:

    Hello Brian,
    I enjoyed your show on Sunday 3/13. About having plan B. One of my Goal is to become debt-free with 5 years. I owe high amount in taxes and Student loans. I am interested in a home base business, but I feel I need to continue to work 8-5 job. I will be turning 60 years old this year. I am look for some best ideas, to payoff my debts and save for my retirement and travels.

  2. Brian Says:


    Thanks for the nice compliment. Please reply with your phone number and the best time(s) to reach you. I am in the [Eastern] time zone.


    MYB Talk

  3. Dale Bell Says:

    I would like to get more infomation about
    placing ads on a website that you own and getting paid for it. I enjoy your show.


    1. Brian Says:

      Dale:   Thank you for the nice compliment. Please reply to this e-mail with your phone number and the best time(s) to reach you. I am in the [Eastern] time zone.   Regards,   Brian MIND YO BUSINESS on The POWER XM Radio, Channel 169 Saturdays 9:00am-11:00am [Eastern Time] Call-in Line: (866) 801-8255 Office:(641) 715-3900 Ext: 1999932# brian@mybtalk.com    

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