Since 2001, the MIND YO BUSINESS talk show [MYB] has been airing nationally over XM Satellite Radio, and other stations across the country. Brian, the host, deals with the relevant issues of the day, but steers the show in terms of Work, Family and Privacy Issues Affecting Life. For instance, as gasoline prices soar, how is that affecting your commute to/from work or vacation planning? Are you going to be able to retire, comfortably, with your 401K shriveling? What are your thoughts on body scans at the airport? Is that kind of terrorism security more important than your personal privacy?

 For more than a year, MYB has been a two-hour, Saturday morning broadcast. One hour is devoted to Home-based businesses and the other to travel. Brian practices what he preaches. He’s been a home-based operator for a decade, and is a travel professional. Brian began hosting talk shows from his basement studio in 1999. He upgraded to an attic studio in 2008. Saturday’s guiding theme is “Helping you to Create your Plan ‘B’ so when you’re ready to travel the world, you can do so with a full bank account!” And with the economy stumbling, who doesn’t need a plan B?

The home-based business hour focuses on network marketing, direct sales, internet businesses, home schooling, mail order and real estate investing. Guests teach folks how to get an extra paycheck per month, show stay at home parents how to finance college for their children or how to retire 5 years early with full pay. A regular feature of this hour is real estate guru James Gage, of Gage Consulting Group, who mentors MYB listeners on low-cost Rent-To-Own real estate investing. Gage is a 20 + year active real estate investor.

 The MYB travel hour covers vacation and business travel. Guests talk about tours they’re conducting, places they’ve seen, etc. Travel hours usually contain segments with travel tips (do’s and don’ts) and Deals and Steals travel bargains.

 Brian is beginning to specialize his travel business towards Re-location tours. He chimes, “it’s getting harder for people to find and hold gainful employment in many states. Taxes and other barriers hinder business expansion. Retirement is a financial nightmare. Plus, the workforce is becoming more global. It’s only natural that people will broaden their horizons and look to other regions of the world to live, work and retire.” Brian and his knowledgeable experts teach listeners how to find countries eager for business growth, the best places to live, comfortably, and retire, tax-friendly nations, lifestyle and medical conveniences and more. Most of the nations covered on relocation programs are located in Central America and the Caribbean. Future shows will expand to South America, the Pacific Rim, Africa and Europe.

You may currently hear MYB, Live, Saturdays from 9:00am-11:00am [Eastern Time] on XM Radio, Channel 169.


2 Responses to “About MYB”

  1. Albert L. Tharpe Jr. Says:

    I would like to learn more about the fuel saving program. We work with over 200 Truckers.

    My ph# 504.382.3294

  2. […] we would listen to XM radio.  There is a Saturday show on XM/Sirius 169 The Power called “Mind Yo Business“.  Taken directly from the host’s (Brian) says the theme of his show is “Helping you […]

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