This isn’t about a home-based business. It does relate to you and your family’s health and privacy issues. Please listen to the interview former Presidential candidate Fred Thompson had recently with a Patient Rights Advocate. Please comment here on the blog after you hear what she has to say.

Click here: Fred Thompson: Interviews

Listen to the Betsy McCaughey interview.  Unbelievable!!!!

I have just received an email from a friend who heard an interview on the Fred Thompson Show (7/16/09) from a Patient Rights Advocate, Betsy McCaughey. When I checked it out (and you can hear it, yourself), it chilled me to the bone.

PLEASE, PLEASE try to get into it and hear what she has to say!! She has read all 1400 pages of  the bill and points out many things that you will be shocked at, including whether or not, at our age, there’s any point of having any medical care for certain conditions to help us live longer. You will not believe what she has to say!

We must get the word out, because surely Obama and his administration don’t want us to know what is really going on, and they can ramrod this one through Congress just like they did the stimulus pkg.



The weekend show continues to help you create your Plan “B” tfn.

This Saturday, I’m proud to welcome back an unretired millionaire. William V. Thompson is our guest during the 9am [Eastern  Time] hour. Should you look for a part time job or start a part time business? William will break this challenge down like a chicken wing. Thompson is a former CPA, who retired, then came out of retirement to start his own business, Your Promised Land: http://www.myypl.com

Find out which is a better option, part time job or part time business, and also learn some of William’s cash flow strategies. Saturday on MIND YO BUSINESS.

As usual, James Gage, from Gage Consulting Group hops on at 9:45am. This real estate giant always has a plethora of tips, and continues to mentor Brian in Lease-Option aka rent-To-Own real estate. Jim has saved me numerous headaches, while helping me get a home for myself and off-campus housing for my son, with no major cash out of pocket! For Jim’s bio, go to : http://www.jgage.com




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Frustrated because your team doesn’t make the monthly volume? Forget the lectures. They don’t work. The right incentives do work, but can be costly. Just tell your team members this interesting short story, and they’ll instantly understand the value of doing their minimum volume each and every week. The story goes like this:

A young couple, Bill and Mary, went out to dinner about three times a month. This “must do” event cost them about $100 a month. They shared many stories and really enjoyed this time together.

After a few years of dinner and sometimes a movie, Bill and Mary would get up for work, look in the mirror and notice a change. They had gained inches and pounds.

Another young couple, James and Marcia, invested $100 a month into their part-time business.

After a few years of ups and downs, James and Marcia did something very unique. They quit their full-time jobs and retired to travel the world. Now, James and Marcia go out to eat whenever they want, enjoying their many adventures together.

When you finish the story, ask each team member whether they want to be Bill and Mary or James and Marcia? Patiently, wait for their response!





Time for a reality test. In fact, I took the test this week. Here’s why:

My phone and internet service is off, because I’m moving. My tenants have become vagrants and aren’t paying the rent. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars preparing for my own move, and I may not be able to move into my new home for weeks. The car broke down Tuesday, eating more money out of my empty wallet. No phone or internet, I can’t generate income. All this “Streisand” in less than one week. Like being stranded with no toilet roll. WHAT A WEEK!

Well, I could look at life as a failure, which wouldn’t be the first time. There are plenty of legitimate excuses. However, excuses won’t get me anywhere, especially ahead. So what did I do?

I put in some motivational cds/mp3s and listened to learn.

>>For instance, the internet may be off, but my computer still works well. I went through my e-mail list and added 97 contacts to call on for my new networking business. If only 5 of this 97 joins my marketing team, that’s way better than borrowing $10,000 from an investor. Contacts are an expotential resource.

>>When I got the porta crib back (Friday), I drove to the library. Libraries have internet access. Back in touch with the world. I contacted the important folk in my life (family and mentors), planned Saturday’s talk show, reached out to some of the new contacts and worked on this blog.

>>Stayed positive. That’s what the tapes helped me to do. STAY POSITIVE!

So the questions are fairly simple, but you have to be honest with yourself when answering them. Go to the mirror, if necessary. In fact, I recommend a long stare at your mug when contemplating these questions.

1) In your work/business life are you currently a success or a failure?

2) Are you a success or failure by accident or by design?

The fact is most of , yes most of the successful people are successful by design. They plan their work, and work their plan. Most of, yes most of the failures fail by design. They do things and events that may be fun and time consuming, but are unproductive towards achieving their work/business goals.

Most of us, and yes I include myself, will give numerous excuses for not succeeding. Someone else got the promotion, not enough money, the boss doesn’t like me, bank won’t loan me the money, my baby brother peed on the report. Funny, how we pat ourselves on the back for our successes: my lucky numbers hit the jackpot.

Here’s the good news. If we can design our failures, we can correctly design our success. Start by deciding what you want to do, or how much you want to earn to be a business success. Scout for someone who is already doing what you want to do, or earning the kind of bling you desire. Ask that person if they will mentor you. If s/he says yes, then do exactly what they tell you to do. Don’t question their authority, unless you’d be committing a crime or it is strongly against your moral upbringing.You must find the mentor. Mentors are too busy to be looking for you.

Final words on this important subject. “Choose your associates carefully. You can only hope to get what they already have!” Your friend, Charles,  may have your back, but don’t ask him how to be a millionaire if he only earns $65,000 a year. He doesn’t know how to make a million!



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